Botox® and Dermal Fillers Training Courses for Dentists

In the ever expanding cosmetic world, there was a time when if you needed a ‘facelift’ you had to book in to see your plastic surgeon. We all at some point in our medical careers wished that we could be that plastic surgeon, with the extravagant lifestyle and a practice set up in Harley Street? Well with the advent of semi-permanent fillers and Botox, this is now becoming a reality. Many patients now want treatment done the same day, often even during their lunch break, and who are now providing these procedures? Dentists like you!

We all know dentists have a keen eye for perfectionism and aspire to provide great dental aesthetics and we feel that translating this into a facial aesthetic career is even more easier. Here at My Skin Clinic Training Academy, we want you to hone these key skills to try and help you onto the ever broadening platform that is Aesthetic Medicine.

There are many different reasons why dentists go into this area of expertise. Work-life balance, income, flexibility and above all, we hope, clinical satisfaction. We feel ecstatic to be able to provide this opportunity to offer our services, skills and experience in helping you to progress in this field. Having established successful clinics in the heart of London, we want to now endeavour to help those of you who feel they too want to expand their horizons, but at the same time safely, with good guidance and into a field which may or may not be your main speciality.

By offering a concise course, we aim to get you up and running in no time, so you too can enjoy the aesthetic lifestyle enjoyed by so many emerging clinician’s. Given the shift towards non-surgical semi-permanent treatments, you too can provide bespoke aesthetic services at your own convenience.