Our Courses

Above & Beyond the Competition

We’re With You At Every Step

We Like to ensure that you gain as much skills and knowledge as you can on the course, and our friendly Doctors and Surgeons are here to help you every step of the way.

We like to follow our 5-Step Approach to Success.

Become a Complete Aesthetic Practitioner


  • Learn
  • Practice
  • Confidence

01. Anatomy Of the Face

Learn the Safe Areas to Inject with our Comprehensive but Detailed Teaching Programme

02. The Aesthetic Consultation

Learn about how to effectively explore a patients ideas and expectations from their treatments, discuss realistic outcomes, How to ‘Face Map’ your patient and follow up plans.

03. Hands-On-Training

Theres nothing quite like hands on training and we ensure that all of our delegates get to experience injecting the face safely and effectively.

04. Limitations and Complications

Do no harm to your patients! Learn safe injection techniques and be prepared in case something goes wrong.

05. Business Success

Guiding you through the stages of setting up your own business or going into work with another company.

Our Philosophy

‘Work Hard to Achieve the Best for your patients, and they will surely come back. Dont ever try to outsmart them, for they are smarter than you…’

-Dr AHSAN, Medical Director