Frequently Asked Questions

So you want to attend the course but have some questions? Please feel free to email us any queries you may have, however we have a list of FAQ’s listed below which may be of some help.

Who can attend the Course?

If you are a Doctor, Dentist or Nurse Prescriber then you can come on this course. Midwives and non-prescribing nurses can attend the course under the supervision of our trainers but need to have a prescriber present when they practice after the course. We always advise that you should all keep up to date with the latest guidelines issued by the GMC, GDC, NMC and your own professional councils as guidance can change, and should always check with your own indemnity Insurance providers first.

What do I Gain from the Training Course?

After Passing the Training Course, you will be given a Certificate which states that you have attended and passed our course. You can show this Certificate to your indemnity providers and have this up on your desk or clinic wall.

You will also get the ability to use our ‘My Skin Clinic Training Academy Approved Trainee’ Trademark on your website for 1 whole year for FREE. This is a prestigious award and we expect you to adhere to the skills learnt on the training.

What is the 'My Skin Clinic Training Academy Approved Trainee'?

The ‘My Skin Clinic Training Academy Approved Trainee’ Trademark is a prestigious Logo which you can embelish on your website for 1 whole year for FREE. This title is achieved only after you pass your training and is a sign to show your clients that you have trained at a established clinic and training institute.

Subsequent usage of this trademark is charged at £99/year.

There are lots of courses out there, why should I attend this course?

My Skin Clinic Training Academy was founded by Doctors who have a vast experience in the Aesthetic Medicine field, who have not only opened up succesful clinics in a competetive City like London but have managed to do this with the quality of their work and work ethics.

Their patients speak very highly of them and their skills, and these will now be passed onto the delegates who attend the courses, not only allowing them to become great aesthetitians, but also to become part of the My Skin Clinic Training Academy succesful Trainees.

Having gone through some bad training courses, we started up this training course so that we can train colleagues to a High Standard so that when we need doctors we can simply look for our recognised Trainees and hire them when needed. Other employers will also look into the fact that a trademark logo has been given to trainees to use once they have passed so it gives you some sort of recognition in the already saturated market.

Do I need to Bring Anything to the Course and is Lunch Provided?

Yes there will be coffee/tea and refreshments served throughout the day and Lunch will be provided onsite.

Pens, papers, Botox and Dermal Fillers will all be provided on the day.

Can I bring a Friend as a Model on the Course?

Yes but they need to apply as do other models via the website. Simply Click the ‘Models’ Tab at the top of the screen and choose what treatment they would like on the day.

How can I get Insured after the Course?

We will provide you with a Certificate once you have passed your course and this can be presented to your insurance company once you feel competent to practice. Our Insurers are Hamilton Fraser and they will be happy to assist you.

Do I get a Discount If I bring a Friend?

Yes there is a 10% Discount if 2 or more people book on the course.