ADVANCED MASTERCLASS in Botox® and Dermal Fillers

Ideal for those Aesthetitians who have been practicing Botox and Dermal Fillers but now want to expand their clinical expertise to provide Advanced Aesthetic Treatments on their patients.

This course allows you to further enhance your skills in advanced techniques to ensure the best cosmetic aesthetic result for your patients. It will allow you to gain an insight into injecting Botox around the lower face and aiming for a chemical brow lift, using dermal fillers to treat the ageing face and advanced techniques associated with lip enhancing and cupids bow enhancement.

Within such a competitive market, it is essential that you gain the necessary skills required to be able to not only achieve but far exceed your patients desired outcomes

Our course trainers will provide you with all the essentials of how to find the right treatment for the right patient, safely injecting patients, dealing with complications and how to have a succesful career whether its working for a clinic or setting up your own succesful business.

Our course trainers, consisting of doctors and surgeons, will teach you their trade secrets that have helped them build succesful clinics in london, and how you can ensure that you are a cut above the rest when you offer your treatments, so that your patients dont just leave satisfied, but ecstatic after having their treatments.

The skills learnt from our trainers are invaluable so we highly recommend that you ask them as many questions as you want and also learn from their techniques whilst administering treatments on our Live Models on the training day.

We want you to be proud trainees of My Skin Clinic Trainee Academy and be recognised as having trained with us. All trainees will be examined at the end and those who pass will be given a Certificate from My Skin Clinic Training Academy and you will be able to use our Offica Trademarkl Logo on your website for 1 year to show that you are a ‘My Skin Clinic Training Academy’ Certified. This license is renewable on a yearly cost of £99 thereafter.

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Training Day Programme


1) Coffee/Tea- We all need a nice brew before we start so this will be provided.

2) The Ageing Face

  • What causes the face to age and how we can identify the problems

3) Common Aesthetic Concerns

  • Dealing with common problems in the Aesthetic field

4) The Right Type of Patient

  • What patient is a good candidate for non surgical rejuvenation

5) Anatomy of the Upper Face

  • Dealing with the anatomy and understanding landmarks

6)Anatomy of the Lower Face

  • Dealing with the Anatomy and understanding Landmarks

7) What is Botox®?- Detailed information regarding types of Botulinum Toxins

  • How to reconstitute Botulinum Toxins and different varieties.
  • Indications
  • Contraindications
  • Doses
  • Safe injection techniques
  • How to prescribe Botox®

8) What are Dermal Fillers?

  • Detailed information regarding types of Dermal Fillers
  • How much is too much?
  • Indications
  • Contraindications
  • Volumes to Inject
  • Safe injection techniques

9)Botox® VS Fillers? Which to use and when.- Advanced indications

10) Complications and how to avoid them

11) Consent Forms- Given to all candidates which they can take with them

12) Training with LIVE Models- Botox®- Learning advanced techiques such as;

  • The Chemical Brow Lift
  • Nefertiti lines
  • Bunny Lines-Smokers Lines-Chin Dimpling-Jaw Definition
  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)-The use of Botox in Migraines


13) Training with LIVE Models- Dermal Fillers- Injecting

  • Lip/Vermillion Border Definition
  • ‘Heart Shaped’ Lips
  • Deep Smokers Lines
  • Cheek Augmentation and Definition
  • Hand and Foot Rejuvenation
  • Tear Trough Correction
  • Temple Hollowing


14) Detailed Feedback to Trainees regarding their techniques and if they Pass/Fail.

15) Career Guidance

  • How to set up your own clinic
  • How to work for other clinics
  • Gaining experience
  • Pricing and expenses
  • Types of Insurance and Medical Indemnity
  • Consent Forms

16) Current Vacancies in the Aesthetic Field and how to find a job

17) Q&A Time

18) Course Certificates

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Ideal for those experienced in Injecting and wishing to further enhance their portfolio of skills.

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